– Paris-embassy incorrect

At a seminar at IFRI in Paris 19. 11. Erik D. Bergrav, political advisor Embassy of Norway in France, claimed Norway only allows civil satellites to use Svalbard for downloading, and the information transfer is under strict national control. I told him this is not correct. For instanse the italian satellite-system Cosmo-Skymed has permission to use Svalbard, the satellite-system is officially a dual system, both military and civil. Norway has no control of the content of the information from the satellites. Erik D. Bergrav did not comment.
On the list of participants the seminar on the book The Satellite War were among others representative from US Embassy Paris, ESA, European External Action Service, JAXA, ASTRIUM, QUOTIDIEN Shanghai, Euroconsult and Capgemini. IFRI Paris – one of the leading instituttes of international affairs in France – was content with the interest for the seminar and content of seminar.



The American author Loring Wirbel about The Satellite War:

“Bard Wormdal has provided the most comprehensive overview of Scandinavian space sites serving U.S. and NATO interests since the 1980 work of Owen Wilkes and Nils Petter Gledisch led to a controversial national security trial in Oslo. He discusses dual-use and space and warfare sites in a direct and dispassionate manner, joining the ranks of writers such as Nicky Hager and Duncan Campbell who are dedicated to unveiling the hidden military-electronics infrastructure.”