My new book about military intelligence out in Norway

  ISBN: P9788253038223
Norway is the USA’s dream partner and one of the two most important allies with regard to technical espionage. This was said by the US National Security Agency, NSA, in a document released in 2013 by the whistleblower Edward Snowden. So why is Norway so vital?
For more than 60 years the Norwegian military intelligence service has had a direct, formal cooperation with the NSA and CIA, outside the NATO sphere, and carefully cloaked from the general public in Norway. This book is the first independent investigation into and exposure of this secret collaboration, which has resulted in amongst other things large listening and radar stations in Northern Norway, in particular close to the border with Russia. 

What is the value of these military installations in the defence of Norway? To what degree do these activities serve Norwegian and American interests, and are they really under Norwegian democratic control? 

This book tells the story of the espionage stations, the more or less successful attempts to keep them from the public eye, the military advantages to be gained from them and the societies that are their nearest neighbours. A number of ex-members of the Norwegian military intelligence services have come forward with their stories. This has made it possible for us to get amongst other things the first glimpse into life inside the satellite station at Fauske. 

It is a spectacular segment of Norwegian history that is revealed and a facet of Norwegian life in the 21st Century known – until now – to only a select few.


The facts contained within the book have an impact on not only Norwegian society and throughout NATO, but in many other countries throughout the European theatre and indeed worldwide.