Topics for my lecture in India


The most advanced radar in the world for tracking objects in space is situated in Norway. The US-radar Globus II in Norway has a mission for the controversial US missile defense which could give US the opportunity to start a nuclear attack on Russia without being hit by Russian nuclear missiles.

Another important task for the radar is to support US attack of foreign satellites. The radar Globus II is the only sensor for US under all conditions to follow hostile satellites in the important geostationary belt from India to Morocco. Recently both China and India have showed they together with US and Russia have the possibility to start warfare in space.

Modern warfare is dependent on satellites for intelligence, weapon control and a whole host of other interests. Due to their location to the North and South Poles the Norwegian satellite stations on Svalbard ad Antarctica have a unique strength and advantage- they can communicate with Polar-orbiting satellites more frequently than any others. Meanwhile Norway has made a commitment to not utilize Svalbard and Antarctica for warlike purposes. The inspectorate authority in charge of ensuring compliance with the Treaties however, has no insight into the type of data being downloaded.