Busy week

I take seven days off from my work as a journalist for the biggest mediahouse in Norway, NRK

I am not going on a holiday. I am not relaxing at my home. At the time being I would have liked to be at home, for instance zipping coffee, listen to music.

I am eating small, dry biscuits and drinking water which I and the crowd which now should be packed onboard a Boeing 747, jumbojet which I get from stewardeses also waiting to be onboard heading for Los Angeles. Delay at a crowded and busy airport Shiphol in Amsterdam.

This week I will do two lectures based on my book The Satellite War. The first will be for an audience opposing militarization of space with participants from England, Sweden, India, Japan and other countries in Santa Barbara, two hours drive north of Los Angeles. Space for Peace

There is a reason why the conference is at this location. It’s close to Vandenberg Air Force Base. Vandenberg give a US radar in Norway every day tasks to look for over Russian territories, and is important for attack on foreign satellites. In these days the radar, Globus II, is of special importance because of Ukraine. Vandenberg is one of the main bases for space warfare in the world. I will not take part in demonstrations. I am a journalist, not an activist.

When I will return from US, I will relax one day, then drive 24 hours back and forth with car to attend the biggest event for investigating journalism in Sweden Gräv 2014 Look forward to meet other journalists with this interest.
Do I do this for money? Absolutely, no. Do I do this for making a career? No. There are other reasons. You can read my book online now

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