Unforgettable days in India

I was in the period 31. October to 7. November visiting, Indore, India to introduce my book The Satellite War. The journey was supported by NORLA. (norla.no)

Organizers Indore had made thorough preparations. Before my lecture organizers spent ten minutes to inform about my work in Hindu. Hindu is the main language, but most of the people in the city with three million people speak English. There were about a hundred listeners which consisted of lawyers, doctors, academics, journalists and other interested communities. After the lecture I received many questions which confirmed the interest and knowledge of topic. All four major newspapers made stories about the workshop at http://www.abhyasmandal.com/.

The day after I went along with a peace activist who proved to be a possible new mayor to a girls’ school where I met about 120 students 15-16 years old. I held a briefing about my work and then I answered about 10 questions from the audience, who all showed great interest of my work. This was a very strong personal experience – meeting young people interested in war and peace in a foreign country. WP_20141102_012

I also had a meeting with the head at the University of Inadore, Professor DP Singh.
He was personally concerned about my topics and had been in Oslo for discussions with management PRIO, the Peace Research Institute. It was intended that I should also give a lecture at the University, but it was not possible because of the holidays.

At the end of my stay I had two meetings with journalists. One, Praveen Joshi; had until recently been the chief editor of one of the largest media houses in India and was at my presentation. He would keep in touch to make a story on my book. The other journalist has interviewed me via e-mail afterwards.

I started the application-process for visa a month in advance to be sure to be out in good time. It proved to be a very complicated affair, and I got visa only a few days before departure. There were detailed requirements about personal information and special requirements related to picture of me. It was slow to get long notified additional requirements. I had to receive passport with visa with express delivery just before departure, which also cost extra money. Visa process is much worse for India than going to the United States or Russia.

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